Custom Military Coins in Popular Culture

Most people are not aware of what custom military coins are and what they are used for. There are so many of these coins that some people actually collect them for a hobby. The origin of these coins is quite interesting. There are many different stories, but the simple point is that challenge coins represent a long standing tradition in the military.

A challenge coin is supposed to show that a person is a member or affiliated with a certain organization within the military. The modern day punishment for failure to bring the challenge coin at a meeting was to buy each and every other member a round of drinks.

Today, challenge coins are collectibles. More often than not, people who collect them are military personnel themselves or just simply fascinated with the kind of camaraderie and bond that military service personnel have with one another. One famous person for collecting challenge coins

Challenge coins are more popular today than they have ever been. Below are a few instances were custom military coins have had a presence in popular culture.

In television

challenge coinsThe popular 1990’s TV show JAG was an American legal drama that had a very military feel to it. The show centered on two members uniformed lawyers. These lawyers worked for the Department of the Navy’s Office of the Judge Advocate General. In other words, they were military personnel who functioned as lawyers.

The show was a smash hit and created a spin off show in the form of NCIS which also produced another spin off. By the end of the series, the two were at a crossroads on who between the two of them would quit their career in order to join another to a new duty station. A challenge coin was flipped in order to determine who would retire, but the audience was never shown how it fell.

In one of the episodes of NCIS, the character Tony is given a challenge coin by the United States Secretary of the Navy, SecNav for short, the character explain how being given a challenge coin is a sign that a person has rubbed their elbows with someone from the top brass.

There are plenty of other shows were military challenge coins were featured. Sometimes the challenge coin is used as a device in order to show that a person has earned their place within the group. Challenge coins have become a sort of shibboleth or gold standard for showing that a person is associated with a certain organization within the military.

Among presidents

Some presidents are known to have collected, received, or used custom military coins during their administration.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was known for having a large collection of challenge coins given to him by U.S. service members. His collection is prominently displayed on the credenza of his desk in the oval office in one of his pictures. In fact, this portrait serves as the official portrait which is hung in the White House.

On September 2007, George W. Bush had an unexpected and short visit to Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq. During his brief visit, George Bush was given a challenge coin by one of the marines who belonged to a patrol unit.

Finally, current U.S. President Barrack Obama used challenge coins to commemorate the death of some soldiers killed back in 2009 during the 2009 Fort Hood Shootings.

Whether people are aware of them or not, collecting challenge coins has risen in popularity throughout the past several decades. Custom military coins have become so popular that other organizations, such as firefighters, police officers, and etc. have begun to use them for their own.

A Deeper Look into Manufacturing and Buying a Printed Circuit Board

Can you imagine a world without electronics? This is how important printed circuit boards are. These boards are what make components and devices such as mobile phones and tablets work. Paul Eisler, the inventor of the first printed circuit board in 1936, must be very proud of himself. While the initial versions of these boards are very rigid, bulky, expensive and difficult to repair, we cannot underestimate its capacity and power. Nowadays, we are actually seeing smaller, lighter and thinner circuit boards. Also, these boards are quite affordable.

Generally, printed circuit boards are utilized for connecting electrical apparatuses. The boards are usually coated and connected with copper materials. Afterwards, the electrical components will be fused and linked using the copper paths to create a circuit. This will form a printed circuit board assembly, attaching the board and circuit together.

printed circuit boardThese are called printed circuit boards since the design of the boards are often in accordance with the specifications of the users. Bare boards are designed using computers. Fabrication can be hand-made or machine-processed. After production, the circuit boards should be tested to verify that these are from any flaws and shorts. The best part about using these boards once they ready is they can be easily attached to a bare fixed board, maintaining consistency from testing to actual using. Circuit boards are easily repaired as well.

There are at least three types of printed circuit boards namely one-sided, two-sided and multilayered circuit boards. Simple components or devices usually consist of one-sided boards since the functions are few and basic. Components that require complicated circuits use two-sided circuit boards. Devices that utilize extremely complicated circuits will require the use of multilayered circuit boards. As much as possible, the circuit boards used in huge, heavy devices are lightweight so it won’t contribute to the overall weight of the device.

The printed circuit board is made from conduit and non-conduit materials. The goal of using circuit boards is mounting electronic hardware, equipment, devices and components so they will function for various purposes. Boards are manufactured through the use of thin copper layers. Before, circuit boards are usually green in color since they are covered with green-colored epoxy-based material. Nowadays, we can see blue, red, yellow and orange circuit boards.

Mostly, circuit boards are mass produced. Nevertheless, they can be created based on any specification or design of the client. The overall design and board layout are the most critical elements in the production of the boards.With this, users will have to refer to the custom board fabrication services of a particular vendor. Some sole proprietors and small businesses choose to have a small manufacturer to design and fabricate their circuit boards. They usually offer the services at a cheaper price compared to bigger manufacturers and they provide more hands-on approach to the production process. When boards are mass produced, there are usually some quality issues.

Quality assurance testing is one of the best services that a printed circuit board manufacturer can offer its clients. Seek for a company that builds boards for your business without the hassle and additional expense. For most small companies, the cost of each board alone is a serious consideration.Hence, they cannot endure manufacturer errors in creating their boards which incur additional cost in the process. Circuit board fabrication must be performed correctly for the first time every time. A company that provides quality designs, layouts and functions is always the best option.

It is thus not an exaggeration when we say that the invention of printed circuit board has paved the way for technological innovations. While we have Eisler to thank for, we should not forget the expertise and capabilities of circuit board manufacturers in providing firms and industries with high quality, reliable circuit boards that form as the basis of most electronic devices that we used today.

PCB is the building block of every electronic device available in the market.

Filtering The Best SEO Companies To Find The Absolute Right One For Your Marketing Needs

It happens to everyone, searching through internet results is painstaking. You will find that there are millions of pages to look through and when you’re isolating something competitive such as internet marketing, you are going to be hit with a lot of options that you may not know how to really move forward with. If you find yourself isolated and having a difficult time moving forward with, you will want to step back and survey the situation. Once you’ve surveyed things a little, you may want to follow the lead that the best ny seoexplode seem to be working with. Only when you are able to traverse the right pieces will you be able to gain any sort of market share. If you don’t look forward through the elements that you need to comply with online, you will find that your marketing protocol could very well plummet into oblivion.

There’s a lot of sites that seem to be getting the idea right, but you’ll find that they can end up falling sort of what you need. In fact, you will find that there are a lot of companies and even professionals in the world of marketing that don’t know what the latest protocol is in regards to search engines and their algorithms. You’ll find that this all happened with the implementation of Google’s Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird. It’s within those areas that major leverage has been dropped in regards to the marketing protocol that you may end up seeing many people fall into.

The Problem With Most Companies

ny seoexplodeThe problem with most companies that you are going to run into online is simple, you will find that the traffic is not going to help you gain any sort of leverage. They work within “fast” traffic. Fast traffic connections means that you will see the numbers rise through advertising and nothing else. This is done to placate clients that don’t see a lot of results through natural means. One may argue that PPC campaigns are somewhat natural, but that’s not necessarily a true thing.

PPC campaigns are something that are important to the larger picture of marketing, but it in no way is something that you should be isolating yourself within. You’ll find that the best overall marketing elements that you will be able to gain access to are going to be longer term than just paying for clicks straightway. You could pay for clicks if you’d like, but if you want sustainable marketing collateral, you will need to filter through the companies that are doing the right thing and then move forward within those parameters.

The Content Push

The one thing that many professionals are doing right is they are working with a diversity when it comes to content management. Content marketing today is diverse, it’s compelling, and it’s downright easy to work with. If you’re going to gain any sort of marketing collateral, you are going to want to push forward within this type of marketing element. Content is king, the adage says, and it’s absolutely true. You will want to work within the 15 different types of content and build up towards getting a lot of attention to the published works that you have on your site and around the web. There are a lot of different ways that you can grab attention, and one of the premier ways is through building content modules that are going to get shared often and throughout the internet. If you can get people to share your links, your articles, and read through whatever it is that you’re working on, you have won half the battle.

Getting people’s attention online today is not easy, and it’s something that can help you gain a sustainable push forward in the world of marketing as a whole. Making sure that you are able to push through the clutter that is online is an important thing, especially if you’re going to try and sustain a long push into the right areas of the marketing world.

The Social Media Shift

Social media is an important part of the bigger picture that you will have to work within if you want to hire any of the best SEO companies. They can manage it for you, but you will find that you need to sign on and give it a good push too. If you want to gain leverage in this world, you will need to focus on the elements that are going to give you a good sense of accomplishment. Social media is not something that is simple to master, but it is easy to sign up and start working within. If you want to build the right relationship with your audience, make sure that you are not leaving this out cold. You need to have a big push in social networking, and you need to establish a lot of good moving forward. If you establish the right elements, you will gain leverage and gain marketing collateral that most other companies will not be moving forward with.

At the end of the day, the thing that major companies are doing that the average marketer isn’t doing is simple, they are evolving. There’s an evolution going on in marketing and it’s not going to stop.