Every Website is Chasing The Number One Spot in Google – Competition and SEO

It seems as though every single business that has a website is following the same trajectory to get the ideal results. Everyone that thinks they know what SEO is, wants to be #1 in Google. When you start to break down what it truly means to be the first on top of the mighty search engine, you will realize that it doesn’t mean a whole lot. There are a lot of examples of sites that are sitting pretty at the top of many keyword phrases and don’t really do much business at all. The competition has never been higher in the world of internet marketing, and it’s plain to see why, it has mythical powers.

It’s Not Magic, It Just Looks That Way

How-Does-Google-Rank-PagesThe reason why competition and SEO is so tied together right now is because the mainstream tech media seems to push this mystical iconography more than the realistic process of optimization. If you build a website that is in line with the search provider’s rules and regulations, you will land squarely on top of the heap, but guess what? You may not be focusing on the right things, so it will prove to be a futile endeavor. If your sole goal is to be #1 in any search engine, that’s good, it just won’t last very long.

Being at the top does not always mean that you are going to get the organic traffic that you need. In fact, most people will not even see you, because being at the top means that you’re missing out on a lot of other things. For instance, let’s say you’re an online bookstore. If you are #1 for “used books”, that’s great, but how many searches could really go your way for just 1 keyword? You’ll find that marginalizing your reach with the help of SEO professionals, and other options is not going to bode well for you.

The Truth About Internet Marketing

Your competition may have already figured this out, and you will be far behind as a result. Internet marketing is a matter of utilizing several different steps. You cannot expect to focus on only one thing and get far. If you were only to work within the realms of SEO and forget about social media, advertising, PPC, and other forms of getting your name out there, you would be doing yourself a disservice. In fact, many companies do this, they forget that marketing endeavors allow you to pursue a lot of different solutions today, and those diverse routes will provide the most bang for your buck.

Hiring professional search engine optimization companies, is not the whole picture either. The fact of the matter, especially when you start to really define compliance to optimization strategies is a lot simpler than you may think. It’s a long term commitment, and one that can yield a great deal of results, but only when it’s combined with other forms of promotional consideration. Focusing on one thing over the other will force you to see how limited certain branches of marketing truly are.

What You Can Do To Change Things Today

If you want to tackle any competition, don’t just isolate yourself to a handful of keywords, and don’t just comply with a few rules of thumb when it comes to SEO, focus on the bigger picture. Hire a company to help you, or slowly work towards building your audience. There’s something to be said about slowly building a credible, fervent audience, than to try and catch lightning in a bottle. You will find that even if you were to get to that isolated #1 listing in Google, your traffic may not jump. That’s why diversity and competition come in handy, but only if you’re paying attention.